Ferra Coffee Roaster

Excellence from ground to cup!

Ferra Coffee empowers growers and ensures quality coffee in every cup. We work directly with the growers to educate and support them as they grow the finest in organic coffee beans. 

This closeness guarantees that they are paid a price per pound that honors the quality of their efforts thus improving the quality of their lives. 

This fulfills our promise that you are delivered only the finest organic beans in every cup. 

Our Pairing Guide

We are proud to be the first in our industry to provide a special guide on how to pair your coffee with your meal!

Our Coffee Pairing Chart

Coffee is very much like wine in that it is diverse and full of different flavors and undertones.When paired correctly, coffee can be the perfect complement to any meal. Please utilize the following chart!

Coffee Guide.jpg

Our Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags use a color system which allows for easy pairing along with our chart. Feel free to use this system to help you pair and create your own unique blend! 

coffee bag guide.jpg

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