Ferra Coffee Roaster

Excellence from ground to cup!

Ferra Coffee empowers growers and ensures quality coffee in every cup. We work directly with the growers to educate and support them as they grow the finest in organic coffee beans. 

This closeness guarantees that they are paid a price per pound that honors the quality of their efforts thus improving the quality of their lives. 

This fulfills our promise that you are delivered only the finest organic beans in every cup. 

Our Promise

We ensure that our coffee not only fulfills our mission to support our growers but that it is also only the highest quality 100% Organic Arabica Coffee. Each coffee from origin is graded and cupped in house by a master roaster to guarantee that these standards are met according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. We promise excellence from ground to cup! 



Ferra Coffee is more than just your average roaster. We strive to not only provide our consumers with excellent coffee but to also support our growers. We believe that our product not only shows the work that we put into roasting our beans but that it also represents our growers and the work that they and their families put into each crop.

We travel directly to origin and work with the them to ensure their crops are always of the highest quality and 100% organic. At Ferra Coffee we only buy premium organic coffee but if we meet a grower whose product does not yet meet that quality we will help them to make sure that they achieve these standards at the time of their next harvest so that we can purchase their coffee directly from them at a price that honors their hard work.   


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