Ferra Coffee Roaster

Excellence from ground to cup!

Ferra Coffee empowers growers and ensures quality coffee in every cup. We work directly with the growers to educate and support them as they grow the finest in organic coffee beans. 

This closeness guarantees that they are paid a price per pound that honors the quality of their efforts thus improving the quality of their lives. 

This fulfills our promise that you are delivered only the finest organic beans in every cup. 



A perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Hints of honeycomb, chocolate, and caramel. A medium body and medium acidity. 


Celebrating the artistry of the great Barista! Brazil and Mexico make a beautiful well balanced cup with chocolate and caramel undertones.


Caramel, milk chocolate, orange, and jasmine undertones. This is a beautiful cup of coffee with a smooth medium body. 


A delicious blend made from our coffees from Mexico, Peru, and Ethiopia. Great for espresso!! Sweet hints of vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon, yum!




Wonderful aroma and taste! Great for use as an espresso or a bold pick me up cup of coffee. Soft and somewhat nutty taste. Hints of bittersweet chocolate. 


Costa Rica.jpg

Sweet hints of brown sugar, berries, and malt chocolate! Medium body, well balanced cup. Low acidity. 

E Harrar.jpg

A wild bold coffee! Undertones of dark rich chocolate, cinnamon, and cardamom.


E Sidamo.jpg

A bright floral coffee! Hints of tangerine and coconuts!



Excellent body! Floral and fruity undertones. Hints of cinnamon. 


India Monsoon.jpg

A salty briny coffee. Low acidity. Subtle spices and a full body.



A light to medium body. Delicate fruit and spice undertones. 



Hints of lemongrass, dark chocolate, and currents. Heavy body and high acidity. 



A full bodied, deep, and complex coffee. Smooth and creamy with hints of butterscotch and spicy undertones.



Swiss Water treated decaf from Columbia. Premium Arabica, full of flavor and no caffeine. 


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