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Coffee, cigarettes and psychotropic drugs are poisons to be eliminated from our lives

I congratulate you for the courage to carry on your ideas despite attacks a huge business that sees arm-in-arm psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies.

My name is *****, I’m 24 years old and I want to tell you my story very briefly, otherwise I could write a book too. From the age of 14 I went to wrong companies who occasionally approached me. I’ve been clean for a few years but I’ve started to suffer from anxiety and panic . Rightly as you say in one of his videos, what should I expect from my body? Health and vigor? … from the same time I take psychotropic drugs (I started to drug me in substance).

Sometimes they made me feel good and just as bad. Today, like today, thanks to her who encouraged me, I have already implemented a plan to try to heal. I removed the coffee and I’m trying to remove the cigarettes (other drugs) and the “drugs”, combining food according to nature.

Given his experience I ask, the scalare of cigarettes and psychiatric drugs I’m doing gradually to avoid strong crises, is this right or according to his thought it would be appropriate to consider them poisons take them out of a sudden? Although this would create a strong impact trauma (beneficial or not, I could be affected by the work I do).

In addition I ask you, for you have your book and contribute to your project can I turn to any bookstore? Waiting for her,

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